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What is ProphetAlerts?

ProphetAlerts is a service that specializes in researching and trading small and large cap stocks, using the latest technical analysis and research tools available.

Below is an example of a trade that was executed by ProphetAlerts staff for the stock Sirius XM Radio, Inc. (Nasdaq: SIRI)


When a potentially profitable stock is determined, ProphetAlerts.com staff notifies subscribers when a stock trade is entered, the amount of shares purchased or shorted, and executed trade price broadcasted by real time Email, Text Messaging (SMS), and Instant Messaging (IM) alerts.  When the short term profit goal has been met (whether it be in minutes, hours, or even days), another follow up alert will be sent in real time to SELL that position, locking in any potential profit, all done in real time.  Many newsletters and stock sites recommend when to BUY, but never when to SELL so this is a very unique service.  Consistent profits can be made learning and implementing the ProphetAlerts.com trading strategy, all of which will be taught to you as a subscriber.

ProphetAlerts.com staff prefers the long side of the trade, with the occasional short sell.   Stocks ranging from $0.05 to $30.00 per share will be covered, but the primary focus is penny stocks under $10.00 as the gains can be much higher than the more expensive large cap equities.

In addition to real time trading alerts, stock watch lists and detailed technical analysis will be provided to all subscribers.  These watch lists may contain short and long term swing trade ideas, complete with Buy, Sell, and Stop Loss suggestions, with the occasional video chart analysis and educational trading videos.

What Does The ProphetAlerts Membership Package Include?

As a ProphetAlerts.com member, you will receive frequent email watch lists complete with Entry (Buy), Exit (Sell), and Stop Loss (Risk Protection) suggestions.  These may include short term “Daytrades”, long term “Swing Trades”, and occasionally a recommended fundamental investment idea.

When a stock either on the watch list or not presents an opportunity, ProphetAlerts.com staff will execute a trade which will be broadcast via real time email, SMS, and IM.  Once that position has either met its goal or not, another follow up alert will be sent to exit that position.

Subscribers will have access to an exclusive ‘Members Only’ area where questions can be asked about stocks that are being watched or traded.  Members will be able to communicate with ProphetAlerts.com staff and potentially interact with other members regarding their trading strategy and positions.

You will learn how to develop a trading plan, how to recognize chart patterns using technical analysis, correct position sizing, and to keep your emotions under control while trading, among many other things.

What are you waiting for?  Join ProphetAlerts.com and start making profits.. NOW !!